Update for our VapeStuff NZ Customers

The thought of going back to smoking tobacco would have passed through almost every Australian vaper as the news sunk in last week that the Nicotine Ban would be enforced on July 1st 2020.

During the past week we know you are one thousands of our Australian neighbours who have been buying products containing nicotine in order to beat the Nicotine Import deadline. The Good news is the ban is postponed until January 1st 2021.

The not so good news, for the full media release from The Ministers of Health click here.

” This is temporary time measure to allow the Federal Government Health Ministry to implement the change by establishing a process for patients obtaining prescriptions through their GP “

This will give patients time to talk with the GP, discuss the best way to give up smoking, such as using other products including patches or sprays, and if still required, will be able to gain a prescription.”

If you believe that Vaping nicotine products should not be banned but regulated, to allow you to have access to harm reduction products then we urge you to support this petition sponsored by Liberals and Nationals for Vapers Rights.

Just fewer than 75,000 signatures have been received in the online petition.