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What Pod System / Pod Starter Kit is right for me?

There are hundreds of Vape Kits on the market today but not every Kit labelled "Starter" "Pod Vape" or "Pod Kit" is right for every one. Pod Starter Kits should be light, portable and simple to use powered by a built in battery and are charged via USB. Pod Systems are activated by pressing a button or are automatically draw activated. These are (MTL) Vapes, Mouth to Lung is the simulation similar to drawing and inhaling on a cigarette.

Replacement Pods & Coils Pod Kits

Most Pod Kits will come with 1 to 2 replacement pods or replacement coils and have a coil resistance of 1.2ohm to 1.4ohm, designed to reach there max output from 11w to 16w depending on the coil resistance. They are easily refilled by ‘Top fill’ or ‘Side Fill’. Manufacturers recommend replacing pods after 5 refills, you will know after the flavour and vapour production subsides or your liquid will appear darker as the level pod empties.

Do not over fill pods past recommended fill line, the liquid will often end up down the air intake, this will prevent unwanted liquid in your mouth. Always let a new replacement pod stand for 5 minutes after filling to allow the cotton to soak up the liquid, burning of dry or part dry coils will ruin the taste and performance.

What Nicotine Salt, E-Liquid or E-juice to Use?

Nicotine Salts are intended for high resistance Pod Systems they range from 20mg to 50mg, heavy smokers may be suited to the 50mg while light smokers 20-35mg. You can check out our ‘What are nicotine salts here’  WARNING Nicotine Salts have high nicotine content they are not intending for Sub ohm Vaping! Sub Ohm (<1.0ohm) vaping in short are high wattage devices that are designed for low resistance and high heat thus producing large amounts of vapour. Sub ohm vaping is intended for 3mg & 6mg Freebase E-Liquid / E juice ..

The following Pod Kits are not ranked as they are all excellent Pod Systems, most are best suited to Nic Salts with the exception of the Xtra and Zumwalt pod systems where  Freebase E-liquid can be used. They vary in price, build quality and performance but are all worthy of a place in your pocket. For full review open browser on Ipad, Laptop, Desktop

Uwell Zumwalt Pod Kit, Pod System

Uwell Zumwalt Pod Kit
RRP NZD $39.95 

Uwell Zumwalt Pod Kit is a 13W draw activated 520mAh beast, this is a significant upgrade comparing to the Caliburn and Koko, and it’s a bit more like the Yearn on steroids.

One of better built Pods Systems on the market today, manufactured from zinc alloy the design is heavier than the Caliburn but feels more like $60 plus Pod kit.

Inside the pod is a 1.2ohm coil, Uwell have integrated the “Pro-FOCS” technology found in the Caliburn and Koko devices, which produces great flavour. 
What we like:

-Easy to use
-Price, Quality Design.
-Easy no mess top-fill.
-Massive flavour.
-Good  smooth vapour production.

Uwell Zumwalt Pod

RRP NZD $14.95 (2 Pack)

Uwell Zumwalt Replacement Pods 2 Pack

Uwell Zumwalt Replacement Pod features a top-fill 1.6ml pod cartridge designed to make refilling easy and reduce leakage. The 1.2ohm Parallel Coil Pod fully atomises the liquid which gives you better flavour, bigger clouds and smoother throat hit. Vape favourite Nicotine Salt or E-Liquid.
Note:: Only 1 Pod is included with this Kit.

Vaporesso XTRA Pod Kit

Vaporesso Xtra Pod Kit
RRP $44.95

Vaporesso are at the top of there game when it comes to design and functionality, The Xtra has one of the best MTL draws of any pod vape, this makes it a great vape for nicotine salts. The XTRA features a zinc alloy chassis with anti-skid textured hand grip. The XTRA features a high capacity 16w  900mAh battery which is well suited to the dual pod option. 

 What we like :

 -High quality design
 -Battery Power
 -Full flavour
 -Auto Draw
 -Vape Freebase E Liquid & Nicotine Salts (Nic Salts) 

Vaporesso XTRA Replacement Pods 2 pack

Vaporesso Xtra Pods

RRP NZD $9.95 (2 Pack)

XTRA Pod kit comes with two pods replacements, the pre-installed meshed 0.8ohm meshed Unipod for freebase e-liquid and the 1.2ohm which is more suited to Nicotine Salts. XTRA replacement pod options power to a max 16w /0.8ohm and 11 w/ 1.2ohm.
XTRA Pods are only compatible with the XTRA Pod Kit.

Uwell Caliburn Pod Kit
RRP NZD $49.95

The Caliburn 11w Pod Kit  took the market by storm in 2019 and is still one of the most popular go-to pod vapes on the market in 2020. The Caliburn produces amazing flavour and an overall vape experience that is up there with the best. This Pod Vape is both auto and manual draw button activated making it an excellent MTL Vape. very popular with vapers as a second device and those transitioning over to vaping from smoking. 

What we like :

-Light, Portable
-Battery life is amazing
-Top-Fill no mess
-True Flavour
-Good cloud production
-New 1.2ohm Coils (sold separately)

Uwell Caliburn Pod Kit

Uwell Caliburn Pods 1.2ohm

RRP  NZD $24.95 (4 Pack)

Uwell Caliburn Koko Replacement Pods 4 pack 1.2ohm

Uwell Caliburn  1.4ohm

RRP NZD $24.95 (4 Pack)

Uwell Caliburn Koko Replacement Pods 4 pack 1.4ohm

Uwell Caliburn Kit includes 1 x 1.4ohm Pod so you will need add a pack of Replacement pods. The 1.2ohm pod is a good option if you prefer a warmer vape with bit more punch. Both pod options are great performers and good value considering they are also compatible with the Uwell Koko Pod Kit.

Vaporesso Osmall Pod Kit
RRP NZD $24.95

The Vaporesso Osmall Pod Kit is your basic entry level small Pod System. The body is made of plastic and a low capacity usb charged 350mAh battery powering 11 watts. It comes with a single 2ml magnetised drop-in pod with a 1.2ohm coil wicked with flax fibre cotton, surprisingly produces full flavoured vapour and satisfying throat hit. You get a lot off bang for your buck from this Pod System. The Osmall really is entry level but a serious contender as a second Nic Salt Vape and there wont be any tears if you damage or loose it.

What we like:

- Affordable Starter Kit
- Easy to use
- Small and compact
- Flavour Production
- Solid 2ml Replacement Coil
- Second or back up Pod System

Vaporesso Osmall Pod Kit

Vaporesso Osmall Pods

RRP NZD $9.95 (2 Pack)

Vaporesso Osmall Replacement Pods 2 pack

Osmall Kit only includes 1 Pod so you will need to consider adding a 2 pack of 1.2ohm Replacement Pods. They are made of woven flax cotton and best suited for Nicotine Salts (Nic Salt) only.

Uwell Yearn (Body Only)
RRP NZD $29.95

The UWELL Yearn is the follow-up pod system to the very popular Caliburn and has a cult following In  New Zealand and Australia.
When it comes to Pod Systems the Yearn is the most under rated Device, featuring a solid metal design, tight auto draw, featuring a low capacity 370mAh battery powering 11w.
The Yearn is draw a activated MTL Pod Machine and its as close as you will get to simulating drawing on a cigarette. When it comes to flavour and cloud production it is second to none.

What we like:

- re-fillable pods
- pre-filled pod flavours
- solid  metal design
- tight auto draw
- excellent flavour & cloud production

Uwell Yearn body only

Uwell Yearn Pods (re-fillable)

RRP NZD $24.95  (4 Pack)

Uwell Yearn Replacement Pods 4 pack

Yearn Pods

4 Pack

Yearn refillable Pods 4 pack

Yearn Multi Packs (filled)

RRP NZD $14.95 -$29.95 (2 & 4 Packs)

Uwell first released the Yearn as intended for closed pods offering pre-filled Multi Pack of 4 Pods, Vanilla Tobacco, Ice Mint, Fuji Apple and Ice Mango and a 2 pack option of each flavour. Only recently have Uwell added a refillable 1.4ohm Replacement Pod (4 Pack) so you can fill your Pod with your favourite Nic Salt. 

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