Vape News NZ

At Last the Government Indicates a positive outcome towards vaping regulations in New Zealand.

The Vaping Community has been waiting for the Governments planned regulations on Vaping.

Devices, E-Liquid who can sell it? what age do you have to be to legally buy it? what flavours will they ban if any and so on.

These new regulations are well overdue, members from some of the biggest retail chains and producers of NZ E-Liquid have been backing change.

The health and wellbeing benefits vs Smoking are regularly at logger heads in the press.

Recents news reports indicate the government has ruled out a complete ban because it sees vaping as one way to help smokers quit more harmful cigarettes.

Vaping Laws will be brought closer tobacco laws under proposed law change, including a prohibition on advertising and sponsorship of vaping products.

The latest push from some adverts has been seen as aiming at a younger generation. 

The sale of flavoured vape products will be restricted to R-18 Stores while Service Stations and Dairies will be limited to selling less flavours. 

Vaping in public places, smokefree areas will also be restricted.

The new regulations are over due and now the Government can move forward to its Smoke Free goal 2025.