UPDATE June 26 2020.

The import ban on Nicotine products will now be postponed until January 2021
to allow time to implement a more streamlined implementation to access Government approved Nicotine alternatives.

While the Australian Government is not backing down from its intentions to ban nicotine imports, this is clearly an opportunity to continue your support for blocking this ban.

"In order to assist this group in continuing to end that addiction we will therefore provide further time for implementation of the change by establishing a streamlined process for patients obtaining prescriptions through their GP.
For this reason, the implementation timeframe will be extended by six months to 1 January 2021."

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Please continue your support and sign on to as many groups and let your local MP's here your voice.

23/06/2020 Nicotine Ban

Over the weekend the Australian Government announced a 12 month ban on Nicotine Imports and has left us speechless and estimated 200,000 nicotine e-liquid users dumb founded.

To top it off they are imposing fines of up to $220,000 for importing illegally.

What are they thinking? taking away your basic rights to choose a nicotine replacement alternative that actually works.

All Vape E-commerce sites in NZ have been flat out over the weekend filling orders to a point where they have had to turn off there sites to make the deadline of JULY 1st 2020.

You be able to import 0mg E-liquids and Hardware after this date.

Industry leaders in Australia and New Zealand will be putting up a fight for your rights over the coming months so stayed tuned and hope a bit of common sense prevails.

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Now is the time for a huge push from Australian vapers to bring this injustice to light. You have a voice!

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